Camera-ready submission

Instructions to prepare the ValueTools 2020 Camera Ready version

Please follow the steps below. For most papers, this mainly means: check the fonts, include the ACM CSS codes, and check the bibliography style.

  1. All authors of accepted papers have received an email from ACM with instructions on how to access and complete the required process of choosing publishing rights for your submission. As a first step, complete this process. Before proceeding with the next steps register for the conference. Only submissions whose authors registered will be published.
  2. To prepare your final document, use the ACM Proceedings Template that can be found on the following website:

Use the ACM_SigConf format. Most of you have already used this template, by the way, but please check if all information (in particular authors and institutions) is correct.

Please pay extra attention to the guidelines regarding the reference format:

and make sure that you are using the correct (Libertine) fonts. If you are using LaTeX and the fonts cannot be found, you can consider to use Overleaf, where all these fonts are readily available. Alternatively, contact the publication chair (see below) for assistance.

  1. Find your ACM CCS 2012 codes, which is XML code that should be included in your LaTeX document. You can find the XML generator here, with a graphical user interface to select your CCS2012 codes:
Example of generated code that should be included in your LaTeX document:




<concept_desc>Mathematics of computing~Stochastic processes</concept_desc>





\ccsdesc[500]{Mathematics of computing~Stochastic processes}

  1. After Step 1, each author will receive an email with detailed and personalized LaTeX code with copyright information that can be included in your LaTeX document. Copy and paste this code in your LaTeX document. This code looks as follows (but it is different, so do not copy-paste the code below):
    \acmConference[VALUETOOLS ’20]{13th EAI International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools}{May 18–20, 2020}{Tsukuba, Japan}
    \acmBooktitle{13th EAI International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools (VALUETOOLS ’20), May 18–20, 2020, Tsukuba, Japan}
  2. Be sure not to exceed the page limit: 6-8 pages for regular papers, 2-4 pages for short papers.
  3. After Step 1, you have received further instructions. Follow these instructions. Check whether all the information regarding your paper (authors, title, …) is correct. In particular, check this if one of the author names contains international accents (é, ö, …)
  4. Send a zip file containing all LaTeX source code (including image files, bibliography file, …) to Marko Boon ([email protected])

Questions can be sent to ValueTools Publications Chair, Marko Boon ([email protected]).