Accepted papers

1. MDC Stream: Stream Data Generator for Testing Analysis Algorithms: Iglesias, Felix; Ojdanic, Denis; Hartl, Alexander; Zseby, Tanja
2. How to improve the performance of the d-choices garbage collection algorithm in flash-based SSDs: Verschoren, Robin; Van Houdt, Benny
3. Efficient, QoE aware delivery of 360 videos on VR headsets over mobile links: Saxena, Apoorv; Subramanyam, Shishir; Cesar, Pablo; van der Mei, Rob; van den Berg,J.L.(Hans)
4. Scaling analysis of an extended machine-repair model: van Kreveld, Lucas; Boxma, Onno; Dorsman, Jan-Pieter; Mandjes, Michel
5. QPS-r: A Cost-Effective Iterative Switching Algorithm for Input-Queued Switches: Gong, Long; Xu, Jun (Jim); Liu, Liang; Maguluri, Siva Theja
6. Stability of Redundancy Systems with Processor Sharing: Raaijmakers, Youri; Borst, Sem; Boxma, Onno
7. Quality-Dependent Stochastic Networks Is FIFO Always Better Than LIFO?: Liberman, Yair; Yechiali, Uri
8. Performance Analysis of Load Balancing Policies with Memory: Hellemans, Tim; Van Houdt, Benny
9. Deriving Explicit Control Policies for Markov Decision Processes Using Symbolic Regression: Hristov, Asparuh; Bhulai, Sandjai; van der Mei, Rob
10. Energy Packet Networks with Finite Capacity Energy Queues: Samain, Sebastien; Doncel, Josu; Busic, Ana; Fourneau, Jean-Michel
11. Simulating Hybrid Petri nets with general transitions and non-linear differential equations: Niehage, Mathis; Pilch, Carina; Remke, Anne
12. Regulating Workers in Federated Learning by Yardstick Competition: Sarikaya, Yunus; Ercetion, Ozgur
13. An SMT-Based Perfect Sampling Algorithm for Stochastic Petri Nets: Okamura, Hiroyuki; Morihara, Kazuya; Dohi, Tadashi
14. Speed scaling in fork-join queues: a comparative study: Marin, Andrea; Rossi, Sabina; Williamson, Carrey
15. Change Rate Estimation and Optimal Freshness in Web Page Crawling: Avratchenkov, Konstantin; Patil, Kishor; Thoppe, Gugan
16. Hypothesis Testing Approach to Detecting Collusion in Competitive Environments: Hespanhol, Pedro; Aswani, Anil
17. Improving Delay Bounds in the Stochastic Network Calculus by Using less Stochastic Inequalities: Nikolaus, Paul; Schmitt, Jens
18. Macroscopic modelling and analysis of rush-hour congestion: Fiems, Dieter; Prabhu, Balakrishna
19. Stochastic Bounds for Some Stochastic Optimisation Problems: Pekergin, Nihal; Fourneau, Jean-Michel; Tan, Sovanna
20. FJProf: Profiling Fork/Join Applications on the Java Virtual Machine: Rosales, Eduardo; Rosa, Andrea; Binder, Walter
21. Scalable Markov Decision Process Model for Advanced Sleep Modes Management in 5G Networks: Salem, Fatma Ezzahra; Chahed, Tijani; Altman, Eitan; Gati, Azzedine; Altman, Zwi
22. Performance Degradation in Parallel-Server Systems with Shared Resources: Hyytiä, Esa; Righter, Ronda
23. Dynamic GSPNs: formal definition, transformation towards GSPNs and formal verification: Tigane, Samir; Kahloul, Laid; Baarir, Souheib; Bourekkache, Samir
24. Deployment Planning in Vehicular Supported Cellular Networks: Lavi, Nadav; Sherzer, Eliran; Levy, Hanoch
25. Partial Observed Fluid Queue Model for Rechargeable Batteries: Selvamuthu, Dharmaraja; Tardelli, Paola
26. The busy period distribution of the superposition of periodic arrivals with vacation time: Van den Eynde, Jeremy; Blondia, Chris
27. Circular Economy: a Performance Evaluation Perspective: Gribaudo, Marco; Manini, Daniele; Pironti, Marco; Pisano, Paola
28. Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks with Cooperative Communication: Dimitriou, Ioannis; Phung-Duc, Tuan
29. TRACK: Optimizing Artificial Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in Spark Streaming Systems: Alnafessah, Ahmad; Casale, Giuliano