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7th International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools

December 10–12, 2013 | Torino, Italy

Accepted Papers:

Nicaise Eric Choungmo Fofack and Sara Alouf. Modeling modern DNS caches

Fabien Geyer, Stefan Schneele and Georg Carle. Practical Performance Evaluation of Ethernet Networks with Flow-Level Network Modeling

Jerome Casse and Muriel Medard. Only the source's and sink's neighborhood matters: convergence results for unicast and multicast connections on random graphs and hypergraphs.

Thu Ha Dao Thi, Jean-Michel Fourneau and Minh-Anh Tran. Network of Queues with Inert Customers and Signals

Esa Hyytia and Samuli Aalto. Round-Robin Routing Policy: Value Functions and Mean Performance with Job- and Server-specific Costs

Max Tschaikowski and Mirco Tribastone. Insensitivity to Service-time Distributions for Fluid Queueing Models

Benny Van Houdt. Analysis of the d-choices garbage collection algorithm with memory in flash-based SSDs

Panayotis Mertikopoulos and Elena Veronica Belmega. Distributed Spectrum Management in MIMO-OFDM Cognitive Radio: An Exponential Learning Approach

Laura Carnevali, Marco Paolieri, Fabio Tarani and Enrico Vicario. Quantitative evaluation of availability measures of gas distribution networks

Alireza Pourranjbar and Jane Hillston. An Aggregation Technique for Large-scale PEPA Models With Non-uniform Population

Simonetta Balsamo, Gian-Luca Dei Rossi and Andrea Marin. Queueing networks and conditional product-forms

Gabor Horvath. Matching marginal moments and lag autocorrelations with MAPs

Luca Bortolussi and Mirco Tribastone. Differential Analysis of Interacting Automata with Immediate Actions

Dieter Fiems and Koen De Turck. A series expansion approach for finite-capacity processor sharing queues

Nesrine Ben Khalifa, El-Azouzi Rachid, Yezekael Hayel and Habib Sidi. Evolutionary Stable Strategies in Interacting Communities

Hamed Ghasemieh, Anne Remke and Boudewijn Haverkort. Analysis of a sewage treatment facility using hybrid Petri nets

Andrey Garnaev, Yezekael Hayel and Eitan Altman. Multilevel Pricing Schemes in a Deregulated Wireless Network Market

Jane Hillston, Andrea Marin, Carla Piazza and Sabina Rossi. Contextual Lumpability

Enrico Barbierato, Marco Gribaudo and Mauro Iacono. Modeling Apache Hive based applications in Big Data architectures

Llorenc Cerda-Alabern. Closed Form Transient Solution of Continuous Time Markov Chains Through Uniformization

Marily Nika, Gergana Ivanova and William J. Knottenbelt. On Celebrity, Epidemiology and the Internet

Alessio Angius and Marcello Colledani. Transient analysis of Asynchronous Markovian production lines by quasi product form

Olivier Brun, Balakrishna J. Prabhu and Tatiana Seregina. On the convergence of the best-response algorithm in routing games

Dirk van Zwieten, Ivo Adan and Erjen Lefeber. Optimal steady-state and transient trajectories of a two queue switching server

Sinem Kockan and David Starobinski. Admission Control and Profitability Analysis in Dynamic Spectrum Access Data Networks

Fabrice Guillemin and Alain Simonian. Analysis of the Shortest Queue First service discipline with two classes

Kazutomo Kobayashi and Yukio Takahashi. Tractable Effective Bandwidths for End-to-end Evaluation and Fractional Brownian Motion Traffic

Philippe Olivier and Alain Simonian. Performance of a cache with Random Replacement and Zipf document popularity

Mohamed Lamine Lamali, Hélia Pouyllau, Johanne Cohen, Anne Bouillard and Dominique Barth. Risk-Aware SLA Negotiation

Accepted Tool Papers:

Michael Frey, Friedrich Große and Mesut Günes. libARA: A framework for simulation and testbed based studies on ant routing algorithms in wireless multi-hop networks

Daniele Codetta-Raiteri and Luigi Portinale. A GSPN based tool to inference Generalized Continuous Time Bayesian Networks

Massimo Canonico, Andrea Lombardo and Irene Lovotti. CloudTUI: a multi Cloud platform Text User Interface

Massimiliano De Pierro, Giuliana Franceschinis and Lorenzo Capra. A tool for symbolic manipulation of arc functions in Symmetric Net models

Mattia Zeni, Daniele Miorandi and Francesco De Pellegrini. YOUStatAnalyzer: a Tool for Analysing the Dynamics of YouTube Content Popularity

Michael Beck and Jens Schmitt. The DISCO Stochastic Network Calculator Version 1.0 - When Waiting Comes to an End

Andrea Sansottera and Paolo Cremonesi. Optimal virtual machine scheduling with Anvik

Andrea Vandin and Stefano Sebastio. MultiVeStA: Statistical Model Checking for Discrete Event Simulators

Leonardo Montecchi, Paolo Lollini and Andrea Bondavalli. Designing a Reusable Modular Toolchain for Automated Dependability Evaluation