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7th International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools

December 10–12, 2013 | Torino, Italy

Tuesday (10 December)

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-11:00 Tutorial 1, Chair: Jean-Michel Fourneau

  • Armin Zimmermann. Reliability Modelling and Evaluation of Dynamic Systems With Stochastic Petri Nets

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:30 Tutorial 2, Chair: Andrea Marin

  • Davide Cerotti, Marco Gribaudo, Pietro Piazzolla and Giuseppe Serazzi. Performance optimization with JMT: Java Modelling Tools

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:30 Session 1 (4 regular, 20 minutes each + 2 tool, 10 minutes each)

    Modeling and analysis methodologies and tools
    Chair: Marco Gribaudo

  • Alireza Pourranjbar and Jane Hillston. An Aggregation Technique for Large-scale PEPA Models With Non-uniform Population
  • Luca Bortolussi and Mirco Tribastone. Differential Analysis of Interacting Automata with Immediate Actions
  • Jane Hillston, Andrea Marin, Carla Piazza and Sabina Rossi. Contextual Lumpability
  • Llorenc Cerda-Alabern. Closed Form Transient Solution of Continuous Time Markov Chains Through Uniformization
  • Massimiliano De Pierro, Giuliana Franceschinis and Lorenzo Capra. A tool for symbolic manipulation of arc functions in Symmetric Net models (Tool Paper)
  • Andrea Vandin and Stefano Sebastio. MultiVeStA: Statistical Model Checking for Discrete Event Simulators (Tool Paper)

16:30-17:00 Coffee break

17:00-18:30 Session 2 (3 regular, 20 minutes each + 1 tool, 10 minutes)

    Network management
    Chair: Sara Alouf

  • Panayotis Mertikopoulos and Elena Veronica Belmega. Distributed Spectrum Management in MIMO-OFDM Cognitive Radio: An Exponential Learning Approach
  • Sinem Kockan and David Starobinski. Admission Control and Profitability Analysis in Dynamic Spectrum Access Data Networks
  • Kazutomo Kobayashi and Yukio Takahashi. Tractable Effective Bandwidths for End-to-end Evaluation and Fractional Brownian Motion Traffic
  • Michael Frey, Friedrich Große and Mesut Günes. libARA: A framework for simulation and testbed based studies on ant routing algorithms in wireless multi-hop networks (Tool Paper)

Wednesday (11 December)

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-10:15 Keynote, Chair: Luca Muscariello

  • Jim Roberts. Be fair to flows: a fair network is attractive and trustworthy and far more than just adequate

10:15-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:15 Session 3 (3 regular, 20 minutes each + 1 tool, 10 minutes)

    Content networking
    Chair: Mirco Tribastone

  • Nicaise Eric Choungmo Fofack and Sara Alouf. Modeling modern DNS caches
  • Philippe Olivier and Alain Simonian. Performance of a cache with Random Replacement and Zipf document popularity
  • Marily Nika, Gergana Ivanova and William J. Knottenbelt. On Celebrity, Epidemiology and the Internet
  • Mattia Zeni, Daniele Miorandi and Francesco De Pellegrini. YOUStatAnalyzer: a Tool for Analysing the Dynamics of YouTube Content Popularity (Tool Paper)

12:15-13:45 Lunch

13:45-15:00 Session 4 (3 regular, 20 minutes each)

    Network scheduling and congestion control
    Chair: Yezekael Hayel

  • Fabien Geyer, Stefan Schneele and Georg Carle. Practical Performance Evaluation of Ethernet Networks with Flow-Level Network Modeling
  • Max Tschaikowski and Mirco Tribastone. Insensitivity to Service-time Distributions for Fluid Queueing Models
  • Fabrice Guillemin and Alain Simonian. Analysis of the Shortest Queue First service discipline with two classes

15:00-15:30 Coffee break

15:30-17:15 Session 5 (4 regular, 20 minutes each) (Room 1)

    Game theory applications in networking
    Chair: Panayotis Mertikopoulos

  • Nesrine Ben Khalifa, El-Azouzi Rachid, Yezekael Hayel and Habib Sidi. Evolutionary Stable Strategies in Interacting Communities
  • Olivier Brun, Balakrishna J. Prabhu and Tatiana Seregina. On the convergence of the best-response algorithm in routing games
  • Andrey Garnaev, Yezekael Hayel and Eitan Altman. Multilevel Pricing Schemes in a Deregulated Wireless Network Market
  • Mohamed Lamine Lamali, Hélia Pouyllau, Johanne Cohen, Anne Bouillard and Dominique Barth. Risk-Aware SLA Negotiation

15:30-17:15 Special session (Room 2)

    Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
    Chair: Andras Horvath

  • Marcello Colledani. Analytical methods to support the configuration and reconfiguration of manufacturing and assembly systems
  • Chanaka Senanayake. Decomposition based methods for the analysis of multiple part-type production lines with non-negligible set-up times in the production of LCDs
  • Walter Terkaj and Marcello Urgo. Integrated Virtual Platform for Manufacturing Systems Design

19:00- Social Event

Thursday (12 December)

08:30-10:30 Session 6 (4 regular, 20 minutes each + 2 tool, 10 minutes each)

    Chair: Gabor Horvath

  • Benny Van Houdt. Analysis of the d-choices garbage collection algorithm with memory in flash-based SSDs
  • Laura Carnevali, Marco Paolieri, Fabio Tarani and Enrico Vicario. Quantitative evaluation of availability measures of gas distribution networks
  • Hamed Ghasemieh, Anne Remke and Boudewijn Haverkort. Analysis of a sewage treatment facility using hybrid Petri nets
  • Enrico Barbierato, Marco Gribaudo and Mauro Iacono. Modeling Apache Hive based applications in Big Data architectures
  • Massimo Canonico, Andrea Lombardo and Irene Lovotti. CloudTUI: a multi Cloud platform Text User Interface (Tool Paper)
  • Andrea Sansottera and Paolo Cremonesi. Optimal virtual machine scheduling with Anvik (Tool Paper)

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-13:00 Session 7 (4 regular, 20 minutes each + 2 tool, 10 minutes each)

    Queueing Networks
    Chair: Benny Van Houdt

  • Dieter Fiems and Koen De Turck. A series expansion approach for finite-capacity processor sharing queues
  • Thu Ha Dao Thi, Jean-Michel Fourneau and Minh-Anh Tran. Network of Queues with Inert Customers and Signals
  • Simonetta Balsamo, Gian-Luca Dei Rossi and Andrea Marin. Queueing networks and conditional product-forms
  • Dirk van Zwieten, Ivo Adan and Erjen Lefeber. Optimal steady-state and transient trajectories of a two queue switching server
  • Michael Beck and Jens Schmitt. The DISCO Stochastic Network Calculator Version 1.0 - When Waiting Comes to an End (Tool Paper)

13:00-14:15 Lunch

14:15-16:15 Session 8 (4 regular, 20 minutes each + 2 tool, 10 minutes each)

    Stochastic analysis and results
    Chair: Peter Buchholz

  • Jerome Casse and Muriel Medard. Only the source's and sink's neighborhood matters: convergence results for unicast and multicast connections on random graphs and hypergraphs
  • Gabor Horvath. Matching marginal moments and lag autocorrelations with MAPs
  • Esa Hyytia and Samuli Aalto. Round-Robin Routing Policy: Value Functions and Mean Performance with Job- and Server-specific Costs
  • Alessio Angius and Marcello Colledani. Transient analysis of Asynchronous Markovian production lines by quasi product form
  • Daniele Codetta-Raiteri and Luigi Portinale. A GSPN based tool to inference Generalized Continuous Time Bayesian Networks (Tool Paper)
  • Leonardo Montecchi, Paolo Lollini and Andrea Bondavalli. Designing a Reusable Modular Toolchain for Automated Dependability Evaluation (Tool Paper)