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10th EAI International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools

October 25–28, 2016 | Taormina, Italy

Optimal population mix in pool depletion systems with two-class workload

Pinciroli, Riccardo (Politecnico di Milano); Cerotti, Davide (Politecnico di Milano); Gribaudo, Marco (Politecnico di Milano); Serazzi, Giuseppe (Politecnico di Milano)

Caching Games between Content Providers and Internet Service Providers

Douros, Vaggelis (Orange Labs); Elayoubi, Salah Eddine (Orange Labs); Altman, Eitan (INRIA); Hayel, Yezekael (University of Avignon)

Quantitative assessment of workflow performance through PH reduction

Distefano, Salvatore (University of Messina); Scarpa, Marco (University of Messina)

Performance Prediction for Burstable Cloud Resources

Dubois, Daniel J (Imperial College London); Casale, Giuliano (Imperial College London)

A Short Tutorial On Using SGsim Framework For Smart Grid Applications

Awad, Abdalkarim (University of Erlangen); Bazan, Peter (University of Erlangen); German, Reinhard (University of Erlangen)

Performance Analysis of SDN Switches with Hardware and Software Flow Tables

Rygielski, Piotr (University of Würzburg); Seliuchenko, Marian (Lviv Polytechnic National University); Kounev, Samuel (University of Würzburg); Klymash, Mykhailo (Lviv Polytechnic National University)

Efficient solution of extended Multiple-Phased Systems

Amparore, ElvioGilberto (Università di Torino); Donatelli, Susanna (Università di Torino)

Sensitivity of Application Performance to Resource Availability

Rajan, Ajitha (University of Edinburgh); Penev, Boris (University of Edinburgh)

Stationary solutions of discrete and continuous Petri nets with priorities

Allamigeon, Xavier (INRIA and CMAP, École polytechnique, CNRS); Boeuf, Vianney (INRIA and CMAP, École polytechnique, CNRS, École des Ponts ParisTech, Brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris); Gaubert, Stéphane (INRIA and CMAP, École polytechnique, CNRS)

Should I add an Intermittent Server

MARIE, Raymond (University of Rennes)

Quantitative evaluation of Cloud-based network virtualization mechanisms for IoT

Distefano, Salvatore (University of Messina); Merlino, Giovanni (University of Messina); Puliafito, Antonio (University of Messina); Longo, Francesco (University of Messina); Bruneo, Dario (University of Messina)

Dispatching fixed-sized jobs with multiple deadlines to parallel heterogeneous servers

Hyytia, Esa ; Righter, Rhonda (UC Berkeley); Bilenne, Olivier (Aalto University); Wu, Xiaohu (Aalto University)

Reducing Subtask Dispersion in Hidden Stochastic PERT networks

Pesu, Tommi (Imperial College London); Knottenbelt, WilliamJames (Imperial College London)

Towards an Ontology development for automated applications in Smart City environment of SmartME Project

Kushwaha, Nidhi ; VYAS, OP (IIIT ALLAHABAD); Puliafito, Carlo (University of Catania); Vyas, Ranjana (IIIT Allahabad)

J2CBROKER: A Service Broker Simulation Tool For Cooperative Clouds

Giacobbe, Maurizio (Department of Engineering, University of Messina); Di Pietro, Riccardo (Department of Engineering, University of Messina); Puliafito, Carlo (DIEEI, University of Catania); Scarpa, Marco (Department of Engineering, University of Messina)

Generalizing Window Flow Control in Bivariate Network Calculus to Enable Leftover Service in the Loop

Beck, Michael (University of Kaiserslautern); Schmitt, Jens (University of Kaiserslautern)

Compositional Construction of Importance Functions in Fully Automated Importance Splitting

Budde, Carlos E. ; D'Argenio, PedroR. (FAMAF - UNC); Monti, RaúlE. (FAMAF - UNC)

A Federation model to support semantic SPARQL queries for Enterprise Data Governance

Corradi, Antonio (University of Bologna); Foschini, Luca (University of Bologna); Casoni, Mirco (Imola Informatica); Monti, Stefano ; Sprotetto, FrancescoMaria (Imola Informatica)

Efficient Computation of the Mean Time to Security Failure in Cyber Physical Systems

Martinez, JoseM. (Duke University); Trivedi, KishorS. (Duke University)

jSSTL - A Tool to Monitor Spatio-Temporal Properties

Nenzi, Laura (IMT, Lucca, Italy); Bortolussi, Luca (DMG, University of Trieste); Loreti, Michele (University of Florence)

Modeling Security Requirements for VNE algorithms

Fischer, Andreas ; Kühn, Ramona (University of Passau); Mandarawi, Waseem (University of Passau); de Meer, Hermann (University of Passau)

Automating the Deployment of Multi-Cloud \Applications in Federated Cloud Environments

Panarello, Alfonso (DICIEAMA, University of Messina); Breitenbücher, Uwe (IAAS, University of Stuttgart); Leymann, Frank (IAAS, University of Stuttgart); Puliafito, Antonio (DICIEAMA, University of Messina); Zimmermann, Michael (IAAS, University of Stuttgart Stuttgart)

Coordinated charging strategies for plug-in electric vehicles to ensure a robust charging process

Hüls, Jannik (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science Münster, Germany); Remke, Anne (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science Münster, Germany)

Fair workload distribution for multi-server systems with pulling strategies

Rossi, Sabina (University Ca' Foscari Venice); Marin, Andrea (University Ca' Foscari Venice)

An Integrated Model-driven Framework for Simulation, Analysis, and Testing Based on OMG Standards

Schneider, Vitali (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg); Deitsch, Anna (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg); German, Reinhard (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

A Maclaurin-series expansion approach to coupled queues with phase-type distributed service times

De Cuypere, Eline (Ghent University); De Turck, Koen (CentraleSupélec); Wittevrongel, Sabine (Ghent University); Fiems, Dieter (Ghent University)

Delay Efficient load balancing scheme for Component Carrier selection in Carrier Aggregation in LTE-A

Gupta, Aditi (IIT Delhi, New Delhi 110016, India); selvamuthu, dharmaraja (IIT Delhi, New Delhi 110016, India); Kar, Subrat (IIT Delhi, New Delhi 110016, India)

Performability Evaluation of Software Defined Networking Infrastructures

Di Mauro, Mario (University of Salerno); Longo, Maurizio (University of Salerno); Postiglione, Fabio (University of Salerno)

BuTools 2: a Rich Toolbox for Markovian Performance Evaluation

Horvath, Gabor (Budapest University of Technology and Economics); Telek, Miklos (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Testing Spn-ps perfect sampling tool on fork-join queueing networks (tool paper)

Balsamo, Simonetta (Universita Ca' Foscari Venezia); Marin, Andrea (Universita Ca' Foscari Venezia); Stojic, Ivan (Universita Ca' Foscari Venezia)

Simulation Modeling for Speed Scaling Designs

Elahi, Maryam (University of Calgary); Williamson, Carey (University of Calgary)

A Queueing Network Model for Performance Prediction of Apache Cassandra

Dipietro, Salvatore (Imperial College London, UK); Casale, Giuliano (Imperial College London, UK); Serazzi, Giuseppe (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

fDRIT - An Evaluation tool for Transient Removal Methods in Discrete Event Stochastic Simulations

Nagaraj, Sushma (Technische Universität Ilmenau); Zimmermann, Armin (Technische Universität Ilmenau)

Dynamic Parameter Substitution for solution of Layered Queueing Networks with Timeout Decisions

Li, Lianhua ; Franks, Greg (Carleton University)

Generalizing Network Calculus Analysis to Derive Performance Guarantees for Multicast Flows

Bondorf, Steffen (Distributed Computer Systems (DISCO) Lab, University of Kaiserslautern); Geyer, Fabien (Airbus Group Innovations)

Parametric Sensitivity and Uncertainty Propagation in Dependability Models

Pinciroli, Riccardo (Politecnico di Milano); Trivedi, Kishor (Duke University); Bobbio, Andrea (Università del Piemonte Orientale)

Performance of Data Traffic in Small Cells Networks with Inter-Cell Mobility

OLIVIER, Philippe (Orange Labs); SIMONIAN, Alain (Orange Labs)

A Stable Mean Value Analysis Algorithm for Closed Systems with Load-dependent Queues

Zhang, Lei (McMaster University); Down, Douglas (McMaster University)

Simulation from the Normal Distribution Truncated to an Interval in the Tail

Botev, Zdravko (University of New South Wales); L'Ecuyer, Pierre (DIRO, Université de Montréal)