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9th EAI International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools

December 14–16, 2015 | Berlin, Germany

Guillaume Chapuis, Stephan Eidenbenz and Nandakishore Santhi. GPU Performance Prediction Through Parallel Discrete Event Simulation and Common Sense

Michael Beck and Jens Schmitt. Window Flow Control in Stochastic Network Calculus – The General Service Case

Hamed Ghasemieh, Anne Remke, Boudewijn Haverkort and Gianfranco Ciardo. Approximate Analysis of Hybrid Petri nets with Probabilistic Timed Transitions

Felipe Olmos and Bruno Kauffmann. An Inverse Problem Approach for Content Popularity Estimation

Andrei Bejan, Richard Gibbens, Robert Hancock and Don Towsley. Capacity bounds and robustness in multipath networks

Jori Selen, Ivo Adan and Stella Kapodistria. Approximate performance analysis of generalized join the shortest queue routing

Andrea Marin and Sabina Rossi. Priority-based bandwidth allocation in wireless sensor networks

Wendy Ellens, Péter Kovács, Rudesindo Núñez-Queija and Hans van den Berg. Routing policies for a partially observable two-server queueing system

Peter Buchholz, Jan Kriege and Dimitri Scheftelowitsch. Equivalence and Minimization for Model Checking Labeled Markov Chains

Amira Choutri, Dominique Barth, Leila Kloul and Olivier Marcé. Centralized Mobile Users Assignment Strategies for Energy Management in Het-LTE Networks

Gian-Luca Dei Rossi, Mauro Iacono and Andrea Marin. Evaluating the impact of eDoS attacks to cloud facilities

Marko Boon and Erik Winands. Critically loaded k-limited polling systems

Soohwan Lee, Sangwoo Moon and Yung Yi. On Greening Cellular Networks by Sharing Base Stations: A Game-theoretic Approach

Huaming Wu and Katinka Wolter. Analysis of the Energy-Performance Tradeoff for Delayed Mobile Offloading

Choman Abdullah and Nigel Thomas. Performance Modelling of IEEE 802.11g Wireless LAN

Daniel Reijsbergen and Rajeev Ratan. Probabilistic Modelling of the Impact on Bus Punctuality of a Speed Limit Proposal in Edinburgh

Johan van Leeuwaarden, Britt Mathijsen and Fiona Sloothaak. Cloud provisioning in the QED regime

Pia Kempker, Hans van den Berg, Nico van Dijk, Werner Scheinhardt and Johann Hurink. Optimization of Charging Strategies for Electric Vehicles in

PowerMatcher-Driven Smart Energy Grids

Kazutomo Kobayashi and Yukio Takahashi. Asymptotic End-to-end Backlog Evaluation in a Packet Network with a Wide Range of Traffic Flows Including Fractional Brownian Motions

Steffen Bondorf and Jens Schmitt. Calculating Accurate End-to-End Delay Bounds – You Better Know Your Cross-Traffic

Wouter Minnebo and Benny Van Houdt. Analysis of Rate-Based Pull and Push Strategies with Limited Migration Rates in Large Distributed Networks

Michele Ciavotta, Danilo Ardagna and Anne Koziolek. Palladio Optimization Suite: QoS optimization for component-based Cloud applications

Ian Marsh. Understanding cache dynamics in the network: a software approach

Mahdi Eslamimehr and George Edwards. End-to-End Cross-Language Test Case Generation for Web Applications

Michelle Borm, Brendan Patch, Thomas Taimre and Ivo Adan. Evaluation of a Self-organized Traffic Light Policy

Nico Beierle and Peter M. Kruse. Combining profiling and monitoring to analyze test coverage and identify performance problems

Mohamed Dahmoune, Jean-Michel Fourneau, Nihal Pekergin and Dimitris Vekris. Analysis of Dynamic Fault Trees with rejuvenation

Henda Ben Cheikh. Short Paper: Integration of streaming and elastic traffic: Modeling and Performance Analysis

Jóakim von Kistowski and Samuel Kounev. Univariate Interpolation-based Modeling of Power and Performance

Maurits de Graaf, Richard J. Boucherie, Johann L. Hurink and Jan-Kees W. van Ommeren. Average Case Analysis of the MST-heuristic for the Power Assignment Problem: special cases

Marta Beltran. Defining an Elasticity Metric for Cloud Computing Environments

Hélène Le Cadre and Philippe Colo. Planning the Aggregator’s Strategy under Uncertain Behavior of the Agents

Almudena Diaz-Zayas, Álvaro Manuel Recio-Pérez, César Augusto García-Pérez and Pedro Merino. Extending TestelDroid to support remote control and large-scale testing in mobile networks

Massimo Canonico and Davide Monfrecola. CloudTUI-FTS: a user-friendly and powerful tool to manage Cloud Computing Platforms

Jianing Zhao and Peter Kemper. Protecting Encryption Keys in Mobile Systems Against Memory Errors

Priyesh Shetty, Vivek Borkar and Gaurav Kasbekar. An Adaptive Window Scheme for Backoff in 802.11 MAC Protocol

Said Naser Said Kamil and Nigel Thomas. A performance model of the Trusted Cloud Computing Platform VM Launch Protocol

Tiberiu Chis and Peter Harrison. Response time moments for MMPP/M/1 discriminatory processing sharing queues

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, Daniel Reijsbergen and Werner Scheinhardt. Interactive comparison of hypothesis tests for statistical model checking

Michael Faath and Rolf Winter. A GLIMPSE of the Internet's Fabric

Ekaterina Evdokimova, Koen De Turck, Sabine Wittevrongel and Dieter Fiems. An Analytical Performance Evaluation Tool for Wireless Access Points with Opportunistic Scheduling

Minoo Kargar Bideh, Andreas Petlund, Carsten Griwodz, Iffat Ahmed, Pal Halvorsen, Razieh Behjati, Anna Brunstrom and Stefan Alfredsson. TADA: An Active Measurement Tool for Automatic Detection of AQM

Ken Keefe and William Sanders. Reliability Analysis with Dynamic Reliability Block Diagrams in the Mobius Modeling Tool

Marziyeh Bayati, Mohamed Dahmoune, Jean-Michel Fourneau, Nihal Pekergin and Dimitris Vekris. A tool based on traffic traces and stochastic monotonicity to analyze data centers and their energy consumption

Konstantin Nasartschuk, Marcel Dombrowski, Tristan M. Basa, Md. Mazder Rahman, Gerhard W. Dueck and Kenneth B. Kent. GarCoSim: A Framework for Automated Memory Management Research and Evaluation

Freek van den Berg, Boudewijn Haverkort and Jozef Hooman. Efficiently Computing Latency Distributions by combined Performance Evaluation Techniques