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6th International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools

October 9–12, 2012 | Cargèse, France

VALUETOOLS 2012 will take place in Institut d'Etudes scientifiques de Cargèse.

The Institute is located near the village of Cargèse on the west coast of Corsica and provides a relaxing and enjoyable environment that optimizes fruitful scientific interactions. You can reach the Institute by phone: +33 (0)4 95 26 80 44

A shuttle service is organized (25 euros / each direction - between the airport and Cargèse). If you'd like to benefit from the service, please refer to the registration page or contact Elisa Mendini at [email protected] with your flight details.

Otherwise, be aware that the public transportation is scarce on the island, with only 2 buses per day each way from Ajaccio Bus Terminal to Cargèse. The time-tables can be found here: [] (

From Ajaccio to Cargèse (8 euros)
Pick up: 7h30 - Arrival: 8h25 (Monday to Saturday)
Pick up: 15h45 - Arrival 16h50 (Monday to Friday)
Pick up: 12h30 - Arrival 13h25 (Saturday)

From Cargèse to Ajaccio (8 euros)

Pick up: 9h15 - Arrival:10h20 (Monday to Saturday)
Pick up: 15h15 - Arrival 16h20 (Monday to Friday)
Pick up: 11h45 - Arrival 12h45 (Saturday)

No bus on Sundays

To reach the Ajaccio bus terminal you'll need either to get a taxi or a bus (4,50 euros, approx. 15 to 20 mins) (timetable here:

From the Airport to the bus station, the departures times are: 05h35, 06h40, 07h40, 08h50, 10h20, 11h30, 12h30, 13h25, 14h25, 15h20, 16h20, 17h25, 18h25, 19h35, 20h45, 22h20, 23h20

From the bus terminal to the station, the departures times are: 05h10, 06h00, 07h10, 08h10, 09h20, 10h45, 12h00, 13h00, 13h55, 14h55, 15h50, 16h50, 17h55, 19h00, 20h10, 21h35, 22h50

Otherwise a taxi from the airport to Cargèse costs approx. 100 euros (day time) and 130 euros (night time).

If you wish to drive on you own there, please visit: here