3rd International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools

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Please follow the steps described in the following to ensure that your paper is correctly included in the final conference proceedings CD. If you face difficulties, contact the publications chair.

First of all, we encourage authors to carefully follow the indications provided by reviewers; all camera-ready papers will be checked for that by the Technical Program Chairs, who will have the possibility to exclude papers from the proceedings if they do not adequately comply with the requested modifications. The quality of the final proceedings depends on the effort of each author to refine his/her accepted paper(s).

Please note that:

  1. Camera-ready papers should be uploaded at the ICST Conference Management Center (CMC), not at www.easychair.org. You will receive login information from the conference coordinator.
  2. All the three items, i.e., the camera-ready paper, one registration, and copyright form, are required in order to include an accepted paper in the conference proceedings.
  3. The hard deadline for completing the process (i.e., submitting a camera ready paper, registering, and sending the copyright form) for Valuetools is August 1st, 2008. For workshops, please check the corresponding webpage. If you have not fulfilled every requirement, your paper may not be included in the final proceedings. For this reason, we kindly encourage to accomplish every requirement before this date, in order to give us the time to check if everything is ok and in case additional refinements are required. Please kindly meet this deadline.


All papers must be 10 pages long, and must follow the ACM conference template. Formatting guidelines can be found here. (Use Option 2, as this allows you to insert the copyright and location information) Remember to complete the ACM copyright footnote with the following lines:

  • ValueTools 2008, October 21–23, 2008, Athens, GREECE.
  • Copyright © 2008 ICST ISBN # 978-963-9799-31-8.

For worskshop papers, please use the workshop name and date for the copyright footnote. For example, for GameComm:

  • GameComm 2008, October 20, 2008, Athens, GREECE.
  • Copyright © 2008 ICST ISBN # 978-963-9799-31-8.

If you are using LaTex, note that the template automatically inserts the words “ACM” and “$5.00” and in the copyright line. To suppress this, you will have to open the .cls file and remove these words from where they appear (line 1386).

In addition, ACM requires, in order to include your paper in its digital library, that:

  1. All fonts must be embedded within the PDF file.
  2. The PDF file should have thumbnails and should be optimized for fast web viewing.

Some clarifications regarding these requirements:

  1. Making sure that your fonts are embedded depends on the software you use to create the file, and the software you use to create your figures. To check if your fonts are embedded, open your document with the Acrobat Reader, and then click on “File”, then “Properties”, then click on the tab “Fonts”.
  2. Thumbnails are the small pictures that appear in the Navigation Pane of Acrobat Reader (press F4 to see it). Most software tools for creating the PDF file (for example pdflatex) automatically creates these. You can also create them and add them to your PDF file using freeware software.
  3. Some helpful information on embedding fonts can also be found at http://edas.info/listFAQ.php
  4. For the PDF file to be optimized for fast viewing, the thumbnails must be the first to be downloaded. This is taken care of by most software tools that create PDF files with thumbnails.


Camera-Ready papers should be uploaded into the ICST CMC ( Conference Management Center) at http://www.icst.org/cmc/. (You must have received this login information with a separate mail)

Once logged in, select the conference (Valuetools)/workshop you wish to upload a Camera-Ready paper for. The upload procedure consists of three steps:

  1. Fill out ALL information for your paper (title, abstract, and keywords)
  2. Then include all co-authors of your paper (first name, last name, affiliation and email address) and please be sure to double-check for errors before submission
  3. Upload your camera-ready (PDF is the only supported file format).


Please visit https://valuetools.org/registration.shtml. Please note that at least one author for each accepted paper must register at full rate (non-student), in order for the paper to be included at the conference and on the Proceedings CD. However, authors of invited papers can register with a student rate, and should fill out the word ‘Invited’ in the space provided for the name of the co-author with the full registration.

Regular and invited papers are allowed up to 10 double-column pages with no additional charges; for invited papers please add the line “(Invited Paper)” after the title of your paper.

Please make sure to enter the title and ID number of your paper from CMC.

ICST/IEEE/ACM members have a reduced registration fee. It is possible to register to ICST free of charge for a limited time here.


Copyright forms are to be submitted via fax or email. You can download the copyright form here. Please send the complete and signed form back no later than the camera-ready deadline (August 1st 2008 for Valuetools, please check corresponding websites for workshops) to:

Dimitris Toumpakaris
[email protected]
Fax: +30-2610-996811

Note that the copyright is to ICST, so that your work can appear in the ACM digital library and other digital libraries as well, for maximum dissemination.